{SOLD} [Lower Price] For Sale in the box, unused X-Carve 750mm x 750mm plus accessories (Detroit, MI)

Selling unused, practically new and in original box X-Carve 750mm x 750mm, purchased from Inventibles in March 2018, located in Novi near Detroit, Michigan. Total purchase price $2,525.84 (as of oct 2019) asking price $2,000.00 for Machine + Fein Vacuum + Materials.


Machine (Asking price $1,950.00, including the Fein vacuum, or $1,800.00 for only the Machine):

X-Carve 750mm Rail Kit
X-Carve 110V DeWalt 611 Spindle and Mount
X-Carve X-Controller Kit
X-Carve NEMA 23 750mm Motor Kit
X-Carve 750mm Waste Board Kit
X-Carve 750mm Side Board Kit
X-Carve 750mm Drag Chain Kit
X-Carve 750mm Homing Switch Kit
X-Carve Z-Probe
1/8" Precision Collet Kit for DeWalt 611
X-Carve Clamp Set
X-Carve End Mill Starter Set
Starter Material Bundle
Carving Bit Super Pack
X-Carve Dust Control System

Shop Vacuum:

Fein Turbo I Wet/Dry Vacuum (unused & in original box, purchase price $299.00, asking price $250.00)

Materials (all unused, still in original packing, asking price $100.00 for all, also offered on per piece as listed price):

Hard Maple (6 Nos. 6in x 12in x 3/4in) [$4.50 per piece]
White Corian (1 Nos. 8in x 12in x 1/4in) [$15.00 per piece]
Bamboo Plywood (4 Nos. 12in x 12in x 1/4in) [$10.50 per piece]
Clear Acrylic Sheet, White, Transparent, Glossy with backing paper (4 Nos. 8in x 12in x 1/8in) [$2.50 per piece]
Baltic Birch Plywood (1 Nos. 18in x 24in x 1/4in) [$8.00 per piece]
MDF Wood (2 Nos. 12in x 12in x 3/4in) [$6.50 per piece]

I am interested in this. Can you send a picture of what you are selling?

what about shipping and why are you selling

Hi CharlesFCoe, the shipping will be by USPS Priority and will be taken care of by me, if you wish for shipping by UPS then we can discuss the cost options separately. The project for which I had purchased this machine is cancelled and I have to move to a new apartment which does not have enough room to set it up that is why I decided to put it up for sale.

Hi MarquettaAnnHarper, thank you for reaching out. Everything is still in the original packaging, it’s basically entire X-Carve 750mm x 750mm package along with 1/8" Precesion Collet Kit for DeWalt 611, X-Carve End Mill Starter Set, Carving Bit Super Pack and Starter Material bundle which comes to around $195, I have just added it along with the Machine for pretty much no extra cost because they won’t be of much use after the machine is gone so might as well give away. Besides this the Fein Turbo I Wet/Dry Vacuum too has never been used and comes with all the tubing required to hook it up to the X-Carve Dust Control System, which is already included along with the 750mm X-Carve. All the materials listed comes to around $175.00 cart price, however again, holding onto them without the machine is of no use so I am giving that off as well. The cart price of everything that is included comes to around $2,500.00 as of today (without tax and shipping) and I am asking $2,000.00 for everything which is machine ($1,842.00 cart price, without the X-Carve End Mill Starter Set, Carving Bit Super Pack and Starter Material bundle) plus 669$ worth of bits, vacuum and materials. Please let me know if you still want the pictures, I will send them to you. Also I will take care of the shipping using USPS Priority, but we can discuss other options and their respective price as per your preference as well.

Hi! Is this still available?

Hi DannyKadar, Yes, it is still available :slight_smile:

HarshPatel, Cool! Could you send some pictures to dannykadar@gmail.com? This is kinda the setup I am looking for. You’re asking $2k fully shipped (I’m in Louisiana), correct?


Hi DannyKadar, I just sent you the pictures and details on the email you provided. Yes the asking price of $2,000.00 includes the shipping of everything listed :slight_smile:

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