(SOLD) Selling 1000mm X-Carve. Raleigh, NC area

I live in Cary, NC, which is right outside of Raleigh. I purchased a 1000mm xcarve about a year ago for an Etsy business my wife was going to start. The business never got off the ground so I’m selling what I purchased. The buyer would be able to get a discount on the purchase price, and bypass all the time it takes to build the machine and calibrate it. Make me an offer. If you don’t live in the area I can possibly meet you half way.

*1000mm xcarve. Fully built, calibrated, and tested. I have work pieces to prove it.
*Dewalt 611 router with mount. Installed and working.
*Custom Dust Shoe
*Varius router bits. Vcarve bits, endmills.
*Stiffening mod done with steel.
*Vcarve pro

I’ll follow up this post with some pictures.

I live in Simpsonville, SC. Would you mind sending me pictures? I am interested but would like to see more pictures of what is all included. You can email me if that is easier at twanamak@gmail.com

Here are some pictures of the xcarve, dust shoe, bits, and a sample workpiece.

Does it have the acme lead screw, nema 23 stepper motor kit, limit switches, etc. that the fully loaded model comes with? How much were you wanting for it? I know it says make an offer but I was wondering what you were thinking.

This machine is fully loaded. It comes with nema 23s, limit switches, and everything else a fully loaded machine comes with.

I priced out a fully loaded machine with the wasteboard. This is what it would come out to:
X-Carve® 1 $1,216.90
Subtotal: $1,216.90
Shipping Cost: $196.80
NC Sales Tax: $95.42
Grand Total: $1,509.12

If I add on vcarve pro,like I’m selling with my xcarve this is the price:
X-Carve® 1 $1,741.90
Subtotal: $1,741.90
Shipping Cost: $207.30
NC Sales Tax: $131.57
Grand Total: $2,080.77

If you do enough reading on the forums you’ll find that after people purchase the machine, they are reluctant to put up more money for vcarve. Those that do buy vcarve end up being happy they did, and they don’t look back. Note that I’m bundling my machine with vcarve pro, not vcarve desktop. Vcarve pro will allow you to use the full cutting area of the xcarve. Vcarve desktop only allows you to cut within a 24" x 24" area, and if your workpiece is larger than that then you need to complete the work in more than one job.

I’d like to get $1400 for the machine and vcarve. This is $600 cheaper than what you would pay for the same thing new after considering the tax. The machine is also built and calibrated for you, saving you tons of hours of work.

I sent you a private message.

This is a good deal for someone who wants a system to plug-and-play.

Paul, did you get my message?