(SOLD) Selling my 1000 x 1000 X-Carve

I’m selling my X-Carve. It’s assembled and working great, but my school just bought us a big Trotec laser and I don’t have a need for the CNC right now.

It’s probably got less than 100 hours on the unit. I did some simple engraving projects at school to get used to it, mostly all with 1/8 MDF. It’s working great, I had no problems assembling or using it; just don’t need it now =(

I have the stock motor and dozens of bits that would go along with it.

It’s located in Vancouver, BC. Canada. I’d like to get $1150 for it. Local pickup.


hi,are you interested to ship to montreal

Yikes, I’m not sure what’s involved in shipping it across the country… I’d have to disassemble some of it, build a crate, etc.

I’d be open to advice from anyone that’s tried shipping one of these before…

Im very interested and i can pay extra for shipping.
I dont need the wasteboard so the shipping should be less.
Can you send me some picture and completed detailled spec of what is included.

You can send all at stevebarabe.sb@gmail.com

Scuse my english i speak french and have a nice day

Still got the machine?


Hey Rob… still have that X-Carve?

Good afternoon Rob

I am very interested in your X-Carve that you have for sale if it is still available. This is my first attempt in this forum and see that your post was back in 2016.
I have a daughter and son-in-law that live in Coquitlam, so pickup would be easy.

Let me know at your earliest convenience.

Dan Morgan
Edmonton, AB

hey, do you still have the x carve for sale?

No, sorry it’s sold