(SOLD) Selling my 500m x 500m X-Carve 2015 (Austin, TX)

I purchased my x-carve in hopes to use it more, but I only used it twice. The X-carve is the 500m x 500m, when I purchased the X-carve I ordered it with the nema23 stepper motors, I didn’t purchase the controller from Inventables because I had a controller already (it will be included during the sell). If you need any additional information feel free to contact me. The x-carve is in really good shape. The drag chain still needs to be installed.

I am looking to get $500 obo plus shipping. I am located in Austin, TX so if it would be awesome to sell local and we won’t need to worry about shipping.

Oscar J.

Do you have pictures?

Sure, when I get home this evening I will post / upload pics.


Oscar, I am also interested you can contact me at skcooper2@frontier.com


I just sent a PM

PM Sent