Sold - X-Carve 500mm w/ Accessories $650 Akron, Ohio

Only used a few times in excellent shape, selling because I’m moving. Comes with all accessories below:

-Starter Set Bits ($30 New Addon)
-Metal Set Bits ($35 New Addon)
-Plastic Set Bits($30 New Addon)
-Detail Set Bits ($30 New Addon)
-Dewalt 611 Precision Collet Nut ($21 New Addon)
-Dewalt 611 Precision Grade Collet ($25 New Addon)
-Wrench for Dewalt Precision Collet Nut ($14 New Addon)
-Clamp Set for 3D Carving ($35 New Addon)
-Z-probe ($29 New Addon)

Interested. Did you have any problems with it, or you just simply needing to get rid of it because you’re moving? Are you firm on the price? I’d be traveling from the Indianapolis area.

I’m selling the Vcarve software off separate, I would do$650 for the rest of it. No it runs perfect I got a 1000mm at work at the same time is why I used it little. I’m moving out of the country and it wouldn’t work where I’m moving and will have limited space to move is why I’m selling it.

Would you be willing to ship the unit (provided I paid the shipping costs)?

I would be very interested if you could put it down on a small pallet and ship. What do you think.
Thank you,

I can ship it but its probably going to be at least $100 to ship it.

That would not be an issue.

Hi Wesley,
Still availlable? I here em Michigan and Pick-up urgent.


Its been sold