(SOLD) X-Carve for Sale in Southern Missouri

I’m selling my last years model 1000mm X-Carve with the larger Nema motors, 611 router, X and Y axis rigidity mods, and Suckit dust boot. Will list on Craigslist for $800. It’s all in good shape and works as well as any X-Carve. I bought a larger machine a few months ago and am ready to find a new home for my XC.

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where in southern mo?

About an hour north of Springfield.

would you be willing to ship this ?

Very unlikely- too much work.

Is this still available

Hi Joseph,

What else would I need to complete this unit? I’m in Nashville, and it seems worth the drive to save money.



I am in Illinois, and would like to purchase, would you please text or call me, I can drive down tomorrow if available.


Is this still available?

Sorry everyone. This XC is sold. Thanks for your interest.