Soldering the pins on

So i have to say I SUCK AT SOLDERING!!! there i said it. I am fighting with trying to get the pins soldered into the Gsheild. i have about 4 done so far but thats after fighting with it for almost 30 minutes. DO each of the pins need to be soldered in to function? or can i just keep the 4 i have and move on? sorry for whining i just have always sucked at this no matter how much i try.

Patience Paul, it can be done!
First a few things to check, does your iron have a fine point? if not you may want to invest in a pointier iron or replacement tip.
A fine point tip will allow you to heat the pad and wire at the same time, just remember to pull the iron as soon as the solder flows.
Next are you using good electrical solder? Either Radio Shack (if you still have one open in your area) or a good hobby shop will have electrical solder.

Now for the Magyver fix! if by chance you dont have a fine point iron and you need to get this done, you can use a short (about 1") section of household copper wire attached to the end of your iron with a small hose clamp. Make sure the wire has a pencil point on one side.

Magyver #2; if by chance all you have is a pistol grip iron that will work also, just take out the tip and file the end to a point and reinstall. You may need to replace the point eventually since the trimmed area will degrade faster.

At some point in my life I have done both of the Magyvers, they work

im worried about cooking the gshield at this point. i can get some of them done but they are so freaking close to each other. And yes i have a fine point iron and its still a pain in the rear. Im about ready to give up on this. This has always been one of my weakest links for me. What do i loose with out using this?

Also since i will be upgrading my spindle once the new mount is released will i still need to do this? Or can i bypass this part?

Well at this point i have some similance of solder on the pins. Not sure if i cooked the board or not due to heat. So we shall see.

I have always done this way… Start by having your iron hot, dip the tip in flux to make sure it’s clean. Flux the pin to make sure it’s clean. Now tin your iron with the solder by touching it to the tip. You should have a little solder puddle on the tip. Now touch the tip to the pin and hold it there. Once the pin gets up to temp, the solder will migrate to the pin. Now your done. No fuss no muss. :blush:

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