Solidcam Post Processor

Has anyone had any success with SolidCAM and their Xcarve ???
I have used Fusion360 and it works really well, but I don’t have access to the Internet in my shed, and Fusion needs to be online every 2 weeks to stay current.
Going to try SolidCAM through work and see I can get some carve out of that…
I guess there is a Post somewhere that might help … Any one have any ideas ???

a generic mach3 post processor should work allright


Thanks heaps man, I shall give it a try .
I tried a few things, but couldn’t get the simulation to work, but I think it was because I was using the wrong post processor… Hopefully anyways.

i often use this tool as final gcode check:

I have tried to get this to work, and still coming up short …
Has anyone had any luck making it work with SolidCAM ???
I can get the Gcode out, but I can’t get it to work with UGS. (I’m using the nightly edition)
It even seems like if I use the code, I can get it to register in the Basic Viewer, but still no joy to action…
I have tried swapping to the Mach3 Post Processor, but I may be doing that wrong as well. hahaha.
Fusion360 works well, but I don;t have access to the web where the machine is currently, hence my need to make this work.

Can you upload one of the SolidCam post processor files here?

Hey Larry, yeah I am just using a generic Mach3 file i found from a post somewhere …
I think i need to get a GRBL one from somewhere, but not having much luck right now …
Is there a way I can use the Fuson-Easel version somehow ???

Mach3.gpp (10.8 KB)

I haven’t quite figured out the Mach3 software yet, but I quite like the UGS stuff … Simple but effective.
(much like me minus the effective part … hahaha)

I took a quick look at that post processor and I can see why it wouldn’t work for the X-carve. They have chosen a post processor implementation that is different from a lot of other post processors so it is not so easy to change.

I could try to come up with something for you to try, but it would be a shot in the dark and would probably take several iterations to get something that might work.

Without any documentation it would be a bit iffy.