[Solved] Any Inkscape experts in? Cannot import Hershey text

Hi All,

As subject. I create some text using a 1 stroke font in the Hershey text extension. Then select all and SHIFT + CTRL + C to convert to a path then save as SVG.

In Easel, it starts to import the SVG but stops about a third of the way in then locks up.

Any ideas please?



I think that problem is usually caused by having empty paths. It is a bug we have needed to fix for a while. Check your svg file for a path where

... d="" ...

The ‘d’ is the path string, and if it is empty, Easel will fail importing it.

Remove any <path> element that has an empty path string.

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Excellent, thank you very much Paul, I’ll give it a try shortly. :smile:

The couple times I’ve encountered this issue I’ve used this web based SVG “cleaner” to fix up the file.


Sorted. That was exactly the problem, a few empty paths :smile:

That tool you linked is brilliant, added to my toolbox.



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