[SOLVED] Automatic spindle control starts spindle, but then shuts off

Hi all,
My spindle started acting weird when I moved my shop around. My spindle turns on, but then immediately kills (watch video). I am using Easel only on my Mac and have successfully run the unit like this for years and now it stops working using the automatic feature. I can plug in the spindle to a normal outlet, not the auto spindle outlet shown in picture and things work perfectly fine.
Could the issue be the digitalloggers.com outlet control?
Thank you for your help.

What is that you have plugged into the normally on position?

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That is the X-Controller.

Well, I put 2 and 2 together and moved the X-Controller off the ‘Normally ON’ plug and plugged directly into the wall. Now everything works and spindle works properly.
Thanks for pointing that out :^/

I’m having that problem but don’t see the connection. It works fine going through machine setup(turns on and off) but not in actual use. I only have my black box puged into outlet strip. all on same circuit though.

Welcome, Doug! Are you able to upload a photo?

It’s weird that my router turns on and off in setup but not while running a program.