(Solved) Circles are so slow?

I am relatively new to cnc and have noticed my cnc is so slow around circles. Is this just the way cnc’s are or do I need to do some adjusting? I have searched on here and google and can’t really find any answers. Most of the stuff I come upon is people who can’t get there machine to cut perfect circles. Mine cuts them out excellent but it is just so slow around curves. I can set to cut at 120ipm and it seems like I am only getting maybe 1/6th of that speed. Jobs that estimate like 10 minutes on easel with a lot of curves will take over an hour to cut. I have a machine that I built based on the ox cnc. I have an xpro v3 controller with nema 23 motors and I send the code through UGS.

I use both easel and sketchucam. Both have the same issue. Anything I create with any sort of curves the cnc gets very slow for that portion of the cut then speeds back up in the straight parts.

I am thinking it is 0.9? It came pre installed on the controller if I remember correctly.

Is there any way I can check and see what is installed?

I have had my machine up and running for a few weeks and for the first week it ran great and I didn’t have the issue you speak of, then lastweek it started, I have no idea what changed. It seemed to me like it was almost buffering lots of small jerky movements when it got into rounded parts.

I remembered reading that it’s best to use a powered USB hub, so I ran in the house and grabbed one and it instantly cured my problem.

Here is a video I shot showing what it was doing.’

Well I finally got back around to it now that the spring semester is over, and I’m almost embarrassed to say but it looks like I just had my acceleration set way to low. I hadn’t adjusted it in since I built the machine. I cranked it up some now arcs are much faster than before.