[Solved] Complex pocketing problems

Here’s my test project:

What I’m trying to do is the outer shape to 1/4", but I want the inner shapes only pocketed to 1/8". If you look at the square/circle in the top right, that’s exactly what Easel’s doing. But with the portion of my project that’s from an imported svg:

If you change the outer shape to pocket to 1/8", you can’t get the inner shapes to pocket to 1/16". In the project I left the outer shape as an outline cut, but as soon as you switch it to a fill cut, you’ll see the problem.

Is there a work-around? Easel does seem to support it for the simple shapes. I guess I could try importing my image one shape at a time and have Easel use the beta vectoring feature, but I don’t know if that would help or not (and I haven’t gotten around to asking for beta access yet either).

Aaaand, I figured it out, it was a problem with the layering, I needed to select the inside parts and move them to the front, and then it worked :smile:

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Sometimes, writing down the problem helps you solve the problem.

Is that the “Great Wave” ?

Well, I mean, I think it looks pretty good, but I’m not sure I’d go that far :wink:

Yeah, it’s for this bounty:


About to run it off, now that Easel’s sorted

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Sorry for the noob question, but is there an “owners manual” if you will for Easel?

is there an “owners manual” if you will for Easel?

http://easel.inventables.com/help :smiley:

Thank you kind sir!!!