[Solved!] Computer won't recognize Arduino

I’ve been trying to figure out how to get the Arduino drivers onto my computer. I downloaded the drivers from the website, and when I plug in my x-carve, it won’t start downloading the drivers. I looked to see my connections and there is no com/port list under device manager even when i click “show hidden devices” There is no “others” tab either, so my computer is unable to locate the Arduino. What am I doing wrong? I see all these threads about erasing the Grbl from the Arduino, but I don’t think that’s what happened since my computer doesn’t recognize the Arduino at all. Can anyone give me some direction on what to do?

Check to make sure that you have plugged the gShield in correctly. If you plug it in without mating the pins correctly the computer will not recognize the Arduino.

As a test you can just unplug the gShield and use the Arduino by itself to see if the computer will recognize it that way. Then if you plug the gShield back in and the port goes away you know you didn’t get the pins aligned.

Make sure the power is off when you plug and unplug devices. If the USB cable is plugged in then the Arduino has power so unplug it before you unplug or plug anything in.

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Thanks! I re-attached the gShield to the Arduino, and as soon as I plugged it in to my computer, it was recognized.

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