(Solved) Delrin Nut: one of the mounting holes is stripped?

I’ve just installed my Dewalt 611 spindle mount (it was shipped separately, so I skipped that bit).

While doing so, I found that one of the mounting screws is spinning freely in the mounting hole in the Delrin nut. I never really had to apply any torque at all. It’s twin required that I use a couple fingers, and has snugged down nicely, but this one is just completely loose.

Question: is it safe to run the machine with only one screw tight?

It won’t work with single screw. Delrin nut is kind of plastic. You can make hole deeper, even hole true and use nut behind. Or you can drill mount hole little bigger and use bigger screw.


I’m gonna steer clear of permanent mods to the mount for now, but I’ll see if I can make your other suggestions work while I order a replacement nut.

Did you find that you stripped it out, or was it that way out of the box?

If it was out of the box like that, contact Inventables support and they’ll get you sorted.

I’m pretty sure it was like that out of the box, and they have kindly offered to replace it. They certainly seem to have great customer service!

I was just hoping I could try my first cuts this weekend, without waiting for the new nut to arrive. :smile:

@AlanDavis’s suggestion might get you up and running while you wait. :wink:

Yup. Gonna try a longer screw and possibly a nut. Need to get some longer screws for the M4x10’s that close the spindle mount anyway. The originals don’t reach at enough to engage the threads…
It’s a kit, part of the fun is making it work.

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Hope you are up and carving in no time.

Turns out only the beginning of the thread was stripped.

And it looks like the screws don’t go deep enough to engage that part of the thread anyway, if I just mount the nut facing the other way.

So I tried that and it seems to be working for now. At least until the replacement gets here. :slight_smile:


Mine was the same way. I got a longer screw from Lowes and it reaches far enough inside to catch the threads.

Yup, that would work too.

I got a replacement delrin nut from customer service, and am in the process of stripping the Z axis anyway (bent ACME rod)… so I’ll drop the new one in there. It looks like the threads go all the way thru from both sides on that one.