[SOLVED] Easel cut two times

Hi there. I have strange problem If i want cut some material ony once. I start Easel, import svg, on showpatch i got only one line but they always cut two times not, only one :frowning: . My material is 5 mm pcv, i set that thickness. On cut settings i set DPP to 5 mm and easel always make two cuts not one. What i make wrong ?

Does it cut almost all the way through on the first pass or is the depth much less than 5mm on the first pass?

That like they cut 2 times first pass.

I am sorry, but I am not understanding what you mean when you say it is cutting 2 times on first pass.

When I say the first pass I mean the first time it traces the outline of your profile cut. The next time around would be the second pass.

But i dont need that second pass :slight_smile: They cut the same thing two times not only one.

I understand, I am trying to help figure out what is causing it to cut the way it is.

How deep is that first pass?

5 mm.

So the first pass cuts all the way through. Then the second pass does not cut anything?

This was in another thread a few days ago

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This was in another thread a few days ago

Yup. Second pass not cut anything.

It sounds like Easel thinks your material is just slightly thicker than 5mm. try setting your depth of cut to 5.01mm.

Thanks for the tip. This was happening with me too, with some carving that had just completed after an hour and it started the carve all over again. In my case my doc was .02, so adding .0201 helped.

Tip tested successfully AllenMassey :slight_smile: Thanks