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Solved first issue

Trying to get my new Jtech 3.8w laser running, got it all hooked up and going to calibrate the laser and I am getting this error when trying to load the laser grbl settings. Any ideas?

also getting a #30 error

Which version of grbl are you running?

GRBL 0.9j

Grbl 0.9j does not support laser operations.

Load this version for spindle/laser operations.

iv never had to reflash my arduino before, this is just done thru arduino IDE correct?

Xloader is faster and you don’t have to worry about doing the build correctly.

Here’s how.

Operator Error, was able to get the laser going… Do you know the range of power’s for the laser? Say i want to turn the power all the way down to focus the lens.

I think that some people use something like S10

sorry I’m a total newbie at this stuff.

I don’t have the Xcontroller, so currently to turn on the laser i have to flip the switch on my power supply to turn the “spindle” on and the laser comes on.

How do I go about having this on at all times and then using commands to turn the laser on and off?

Answer in your other thread.