SOLVED - GRBL 1.1F and zeroing issues - User/Workflow error

Background, DIY CNC rig with Arduino Uno/Protoneer G-shield and DV8825 drivers.
No homing/probing enabled - clean manual setup prior to carve.

I just refreshed my Arduino from GRBL v0.8 to v1.1f and it is up and running, no issues.
Running a quick test carve in Easel works just fine, program ends and spindle return to X/Y0 and Z offset position.
If I rerun the same carve, the spindle will again raise Z even if at Z=3.8mm. The carve then start in air, with an incorrect Z start. Unpowering the shield and refresh browser will clear state and both work/machine zero is XYZ0.

My question is, and previous search did not provide intel, is this a bug or is my configuration/workflow lacking?
With v0.8 I could do multiple carves without re-zero, now with v1.1f I need to carefully monitor position prior to any carving.

Easel Local prior to version 3.3 does not support grbl version 1.1f. Check your version of Easel Local as a first step.

Easel Driver 0.3.3 is in place.

Yes, the Z homing switch moved from D11 to D12.

D11 became PWM.

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Check, $10=115

I replicated the issue just now with a simple test carve made in Easel, Easel as sender.
10x25mm pocket with 6mm safety height.
First carve goes as expected, the second carve, with no resetting or anything, will lift Z another 6mm and start 6mm higher then previous carve. Ultimately I run out of Z travel :wink:

Puzzled :weary:

If machine inspector lets you enter grbl commands directly -----

Before you do a “good” carve enter $G to get the grbl state. Save the information somewhere.

After the “good” carve finishes do another $G to get the grbl state and see if that is different from the one you got before the carve.

@RobertCanning @PhilJohnson

Bingo, I had been clicking the big green button like I always have been, not paying attention to the smaller, less vibrant “Last Home Pos.” option.

Solution: Adapt workflow…


yeah… :hand_splayed:

Thanks for the input guys, it is really appreciated.
Just finished for tonite after doing 5 identical parts, two sided milling including a tool change…I feel like a pro :sweat_smile:

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NO! there should be time + position based logic to make the correct button the “default”

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I’m going to vote that “Use last home” should belong on the same page with “Probe” and “Manual”.

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