[Solved] Homing problems on so2 upgrade

a couple of problems…

I tried to use the hex uploader to get grbl 9i on there (running on mac) and i open the hex file on there and get no confirmation. I dont know if there is a confirmation or not so i figure it went through.

Well it must have not because the z-homing wasnt working off pin12 when i was running the easel set up. I had the hunch and just put it in pin 11 and it worked. y-homing went through fine. and that was it, no x-homing on the easel. is that normal? any thoughts?

I tried the he uploader today, as well. Used my Mac and tried multiple grbl versions (8c, 9g, 9i) without any upload activity to the Arduino (I had pre-loaded the flash sketch so that I would know when it was overwritten). I ended up using the Arduino IDE and found that it was really easy. Interestingly, when I installed 9i, I found that my x- and y-axes directions were switched but the z-axis was fine. I went back to my prior Arduino (with 8c) and the directions were correct.

Ok got it all figured out. Got the hex installed using x loader. The problem with the x and y homing was that i had previously wired the homing with a 5v and pulldowns to get rid of interference and that was just messing things up so i got rid of that and it all seems to work great. Now to finally start milling something!!!