<SOLVED> How to go from SketchUp to a good SVG for Easel?

Between my laptop crashing and me not playing with SVG files for quite a few months, I have forgotten the specific process that I used to go from SketchUp to an SVG that would import into Easel at the proper scale.

I know I used FlightOfIdeas SVG export from SketchUp, which is installed and seems to work, but the SVG breaks into 3,300 pieces when there’s only 7 pieces and 8 holes/pockets in them.

At one point I used to open and save the SVG in Makercam, but that just gives me a file that’s 30" tall and 0.1" wide with a few thousand pieces.

Any suggestions? Anybody have a process they use that consistently works?

Here’s the project I’m trying out, and the zipped SVG from SketchUp (if it uploads):

FOI SVG Export - Copy.zip (116.2 KB)

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I greatly appreciate the conversion, but it opened in Easel with open paths on pretty much everything. What program did you use to do the conversion, maybe I can learn how to clean it up if I have it?


Try this

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I go from Sketchup to Inkscape to Easel,

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That is a bit closer, but I still can’t choose to cut inside and outside the line where needed. I just need to figure out how I did my darn dust shoes…

Guess I’m not sure what you’re trying to do then? When I tried it in Easel I was able to choose inside, online, outside or fill on all parts

I don’t know why it’s not working that way for me, keep getting the open path errors. I want everything cut outside the line except the pockets. On the legs, the pockets go all the way through (may as well cut inside the line), while on the top it only goes down 3/8" so has to be filled.

I think I got it figured out, I tried smooshing the parts in Sketchup down to 2-D instead of selecting the faces from 3-D pieces. Imported into Makercam and then into Easel, and I can select the cut type on everything.

Hopefully I’ll get this project out by July 1, but the video for it may not be out for another 4 weeks. I’ve been meaning to build a footstool as part of a sequence of projects, but next video has to be for a wooden game contest I’m in.

Thanks for your help @B.F and @GlennMDutcher!!!

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