(Solved) Issues With Carving

Hello I have had an issue with carving after using the image tracer.

The program is on Easel, and it is for a wooden key chain. The X Carve begins by cutting out the key chain, and when it is done cutting through, it goes back up to the top of the material where it began cutting and re routes the entire cut, backwards. This has been annoying because I have to stop the program in the middle of the program, after it cuts through the material.

Is the an issue with the images that I am tracing off of google, or is it an issue with my machine and wiring?

Thanks for any help!

Zoom in on the object (in easel)… it is likely that you have double lines (that can only be seen when you zoom in real close)and check to see if you have two lines or one. I had the same issue around Christmas when trying to carve an object I used image trace to import.

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Yeah, as Robert mentioned, it sounds like you have doubled up shapes in Easel. Maybe select just the shape you want, copy it, create a new project, and the paste your copied shape in the new project. That way you should only have the one shape.

If you share the Easel file I could look at it when I get a chance.

This solved it! Thank you very much!!