[solved] Lost most of my projects in easel

I was wrong - files were missing because I changed email addresses. So whoops on my part. Sure would be nice to be able to archive our files offline though. Apologies to admins, programmers, other Inventable folks.

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Leaving this up - I changed email providers, so somehow it split up my projects. 100% my fault. I’d just erase this, but going to leave it up so I can eat some crow.

Yes, my files are ok. But I would like an easy way to back them up locally with Easel.


Thanks for sharing Pete. That’s a good one to make note of… i never really thought about the email address on the account.

Might be worth it for others to get a gmail (or generic account)

Sorry to hear about your projects. Perhaps Inventables can help out if they get your old email…

Looks like the system automatically did, here is the message

A new user created a topic, and another new user at the same IP address replied. See the flag_sockpuppets site setting.

Looks like the system was suspicious about spam, sorry about that.

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Glad you figured it out. I added [solved] to the topic so that people know.