[Solved] Motors "stalling" when moving rapidly

I’ve built my 1000x1000 X-Carve and have already succesfully cut several complex parts from 12mm ply. I am however experiencing an (intermittent) issue which is driving me nuts.

Sometimes, mostly when the machine moves rapidly, the machine appears to stall or jam. This is sufficient to cause it to lose position by a significant amount - consequently screwing up anything cut after to ‘jam’ occurs. This fall occurs predominantly on the Y axis, however it does sometimes occur on the X axis as well.

I’m using the Universal GCode Sender on an old Mac to drive the machine, to send it gcode files and to manually jog the spindle around.

I suspect the fault is electrical, for the following reasons:

  • I’ve removed the belts & everything runs freely (both in X and Y directions
  • With the belts off the two Y axis motors, when I jog the machine in several rapid 1" movements (or when jogging it 10" or so in one movement), both motors appear to “bog-down” (shafts barely turn, loud ‘labouring’ sound)
  • The fault seems to occur mostly when I either rapidly jog the machine in large increments (say several quick 1" movements) or I try and make one large movement rapidly.
  • Both Y axis motors are turning in the correct direction

As described above, I suspect it’s an electrical issue, largely because the fault occurs without the belts (also, as a mechanical tradie, in my experience, the faults are nearly always electrical).

Any suggestions at all would be very gratefully received.

Thanks in advance,

You may need to turn up your drive current. See here…


Many many thanks indeed - I went out, tweaked the X & Y pots by just a couple of degrees and the problem’s gone.

I was having this exact same issue on the Y axis! Just a few turns down to find out the lower limit, a few too many turns up to find the upper, and kept trying the in betweens to see what gave me a smooth ride. Before I would go into Easel and put in a movement of 25 inches and about halfway it would stall. Now I can put in 25 inch travel and it moves smooth the whole time!

Great answer!

you guys a freakin awesome ! had this problem and someone else did too ! solved !

Mike R.