[solved] No Self-Tapping Screws

I received my X-Carve 1000mm today and it does not contain self-tapping screws. It did come with a tap.
I am on the Gantry step for assembly, is the tap meant to tap the holes and use different screws than the instructions state? I have checked every box and bag for the self-tapping screws…suggestions?

For issues involving missing parts, your best issue is to submit a customer support issue so our CS team can handle it officially. https://inventables.desk.com/customer/portal/emails/new

I wanted to make sure they were missing and not replaced with something else before I did that. It didn’t make sense to include a tap if I was to use self-tapping screws.

Are the Self-Tapping screws labeled:

M5x12 Pan Head Screws 30544-01 qty 18

correct size and the correct T25 head…just not marked self-tapping or thread forming or anything like that.

So how do I tell them to disregard my email :smile:

I’ll take care of it no worries! That is a bit confusing though… @JohnHayes maybe we need to fix some of the wording.

Thank you very much…everything is going together very well so far. Great instructions!

Same thing bit me. :wink:

Where did you see “self tapping screws” that made you look for that phrasing? Trying to track down all these inconsistencies, it would really help if you all could point them out specifically with links.

It was in the online instructions, under the Gantry section:

Components: Core Components Kit: Pan Head Thread Forming Screw M5 x 12mm (Self Tapping)


Same in the Y-Axis instructions.

The Z-Axis instructions omits the phrase Self-tapping and just says:

Pan Head Thread Forming Screw M5 x 12mm

Yes to above - I had my 15 mins of confusion when I reached this point in the instructions and started looking around for a baggie labeled “self tapping screws” and it wasn’t after I started inspecting each bag for the given part number that I found which baggie was the actual self-tapping screws.

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Thanks a bunch for the reference. I’ve fixed the instructions and left a note in there also. Check it out.

The instructions are also open source, feel free to contribute!

Self tapping screw is the term of screw type. If you look at the diameter of the screw, you can see it is not rounded, it’s more likely triangle shape. That’s called self tapping.

So i guess I do need to email them on my slef tapping screws. I have looked through every part number and every bag label and cannot find any. Just received it in the mail yesterday. :frowning: And was hoping to get it all put together tonight. looks like it may not happen.

Mine were labeled:

M5x12 Pan Head Screws 30544-01 qty 18

Did you check for the thread forming ones as in the above posts?

I received my X-carve 1000mm kit today, and the only torx-socket screws I found were also labelled “M5x12 Pan Head Screws 30544-01 qty 18”. They were not silver nor triangular, they appear to be regular black pan heads.

That said, the tap (included in the tool kit) works great with WD-40 and after washing out the aluminum shavings the screws go in and tighten into the fresh-tapped maker slide perfectly. Found nothing labelled “thread forming” or “self tapping” in the core kit. That might be a problem for folks without a tap but works fine for me, provided I don’t run out of M5x12 pan heads :slight_smile:

Those were the same ones I used…I did not tap the holes first and they still worked great. WD-40 worked well for me as well.

I wonder if the issue here is the APPEARANCE of the thread forming screws. I had never seen this TYPE of thread forming screw before. They are much different from the typical SAE self tapping screws they sell at my local True Value.

Having old eyes, I was looking at the parts in the bags rather than the tiny print on the labels. Fortunately, I have some young helpers who were persnickety about making sure they checked each part number against the parts description and that was how we found them.

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I agree, this type of screw was new to me.