Solved (pot setting too high) X-carve going off grid and not returning at same home position

My X-carve works well if it carves at the same location. As soon as the Z axis needs to go up, and the spindle needs to change location, the movement is not done smoothly and vibrates causing the x-carve to carve 1 inch sometime 2 inches off path.
When I tell easel to stop, it doesn’t return at the same home position.
We tried troubleshooting such as giving more stepper motor current, checking the screws on the motor pulleys.

Not quite sure what to do next.
I have a video, but not sure how to upload it either.

Thanks guys, looks like the pots setting was too high
2 project done, no glitches since.

Keep in mind that, unfortunately, the current pots can either be too low or too high. Both will cause problems.

Rapid moves (as you describe) seem to be where bad pot settings show themselves.

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