Solved - Route path is moving up gradually

Gradually, as U can see in the pics I’m adding, it is a big rounded route, but it is moving gradually up (y axis), X and Z axis stay normal. I’ve already reviewed wires, could it be a belt problem,
what else could it be? voltage? Or may be I’m being agresive with speed rates?, it is a double blade - 6 mm bit flat cut, and these are the cutting settings (feed rate 609.6 mm/min . plunge rate 197 mm/min, depth pass 0.4mm), Before using the flat bit, I used a V bit, no problem at all) Thanks for your help

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g shield arduino

Mr Phil, I used the potentiometer settings recommended by Mr. Robert at his video, if there is a lack of power, Do I have to set potentiometers to a higher voltage?


What motors do you use?

nema 23, the originals, x carve use, thanks for answering
X-Carve NEMA 23 Stepper Motor Kit - 30570-02

Your motors may be underpowered?
The G-shield is max 2.5A (with active cooling)

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They are fine, I can move them by fingers

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Mr Haldor, forgive my ignorance, when U said current, it has to be with the potentiometers, or with the electrical power supply ti the steppers.
(I mean electrical company)

Potmeters on the G-shield (you can measure voltage here and calculate amp limit) :slight_smile:

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OK, I’m gonna do it, and I will let You know, thanks for helping me

Finally, I could get, not losing steps, with the Y axis motors, This is what I tell, about this machine, is very, (not to say unestable), but let’s say delicated, there so many variables to control and to play with, I like challenges, nice to achieve them, but, in my case, U need urgently the machine works, no errors; and it has not be a day without a problem, thanks for helping me.


I do not have an Xcarve myself as I have built my own (my thread My DIY-carve )
So I have gone through many of the typical errors / failures one can encounter (have some not encountered yet I am sure!)
It is a learning experience and with any hobby machine one need to expect tweaking. Some will tweak for a longer time than others, tweaking = getting rid of all the small issues that prevent smooth operation :slight_smile:

Happy carving! :smiley:

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You are rigth! I saw Your machine, and it looks very good, I don’t know, if the living room would be the best place to work with it (lol), finally, I had to increase Y axis potentiometers to 2.4 and it solved the losing steps problem, now I’m concerned about Temperature, I live in the tropic, at sea level, so it could be a problem. thanks for helping me.

Mr Phil I have to refine the current, to 2.35, that’s why I said it is not a reliable machine, U know, If You don’t have the voltimeter?, it is not easy to get that exact point, just by hand and ears… and also, As I told You before, I can’t get apart from the machine, because errors, are taking me to bankruptcy.

The stepper motor themselves can take a proper beating before giving up the ghost.
Most steppers are rated at 80degC continuous and above 60degC the 3second rule is getting hard to violate :wink:

Keep your gShield clean from dust, keep it ventilated and you should be okay.
Best of luck!


There are many points to define a machine as reliable, and XCarve, gets problems, for example, to get a proper settings, but not only in the matter of electronics, but also if we talk about the structure, I had to change X rail, eccentric nuts and now, may be, to buy a new controller;. A reliable machine, requires a little of care and manteinance, and people like me, with not much knowledge in electronics, can handle it.