[Solved] Speed Test failed

Draw 18" Polygon then started to increase Feed Rate for speed test purpose.
No spindle, Feed rate = 100 in/m= Smooth
No spindle, Feed rate = 200 in/m= Smooth
No spindle, Feed rate = 300 in/m= Smooth
No spindle, Feed rate = 400 in/m= Steppers started to jerk and lost position.
Thanks for the E-Stop.

Open to discussion.

Simple at 400 IPM you have exceeded the max feed rate of 8000 mm/min or 314.96 IPM.


That’s no wonder. I didn’t know maximum. Is this Max rate for X-Carve or all same?


I just went here https://www.inventables.com/technologies/x-carve and slid down to the specs. They state 8000 mm/min for X and Y and 500 for Z


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I didn’t see that. Looks like there is no reason to discuss, I think Belt driving system limits lower than Lead screw systems.
Thanks for the info Dave.