[Solved] Spindle Control w/ Universal Gcode Sender

I’ve got my 1000mm kit assembled and I’ve done a few sample runs through Easel just to make sure everything is set up correctly. The mill will jog in all directions as intended and spindle turns on/off through software. So far so good!

My intended use for this machine is making vacuumform bucks, so I need 2.5D or full 3D capability. I’m getting .stl models through Blender and exporting tool paths with MeshCAM5.

So far, running Universal Gcode Sender to the machine has worked (though I found I had to set baud rate at 115200 to communicate) and I can run through the X,Y,Z easily. Problem is I can’t get any spindle control. Speeds are being set in MeshCAM specific to the end mills, so this should be sent to the machine through Gcode Sender, correct? Inputting M03 or M05 in command has no effect on the spindle.

Again, through Easel all spindle controls are working fine - machine speeds up as intended.

I haven’t had any problem with spindle control using UGS.

The only issue I ran into is related to setting the grbl configuration to use the speed controller. There is a minimum speed setting below which grbl will not allow a lower speed. On the top side of the speed range, a command to go higher than the maximum speed setting will cause the spindle to stop. Example: my spindle maximum speed rating is 12,000rpm. If the “S” command is set to S12000, no problem; attempting to set a higher speed causes the spindle not to operate; i.e., sending a command of S13000, then an M3 will not start the spindle. So, I have to be sure that any CAM software I use doesn’t set a speed higher than 12000.

I too am having issues with using UGS and the spindle not activating. my spindle shows 18000RPM in EASEL but when i S18000 M3 nothing happens. any pointers?
@BillArnold @Volpinprops

Try using S12000 M3 and see what happens.

M3 S18000 works. had the manual switch flipped… :unamused: