(SOLVED)Spindle DOA? Or broken switch? (broken switch/PCB)

Hey guys, have assembled my x-carve, and started the setup and everything was smooth until the “turn spindle on”. I want to control it with Easel, however the spindle does not turn on, the spindle doesn’t turn on when the switch is moved to on either. I noticed that the switch flicks down to ‘Logic’ perfectly, but flicking it up does not give a proper ‘flick,’ I’m wondering if it could be a broken switch, or a spindle problem. trying to start the switch by hand did not help.

Is there a way i can jumpstart the spindle without the switch? just to test it?

See video below


I think you could probably try to put 24V directly on the spindle, without the switch.

Where can I hook this up? Beneath the terminals pictured in the video? Along with the circuit board?

Have just tried this, and wallah, the spindle turns. So looks like the switch is dodgy.

I have the exact same problem. Tried everything and still not working.