OK carvers if you are looking to install a z probe on an x carve with NO xcontroller it is possible.
I searched for days and no luck with that help, well easy peasy once i got into the guts. here is the solution:

This is for carvers with GShield above the arduino board. Pull your fan off the top of the gshield and then, gently, I say GENTLY pull the gshield up and off the arduino board. their will be a green arduino board staring you in the face. find the hole marked “A5” gently plug the red wire into the pin hole. I ran the ground wire to the gshield board, were the fan power hooks up. So far no problems, so go get those z probes. Sorry got it all back together before realized i took no pics. Maybe someone can pin this on top somewere for us non electric types lol.

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