[solved] Toolpaths Not Matching File

Anyone have a clue as what’s going on here? It looks fine when I cut on the path, but, not inside or outside. A glitch in the matrix? :wink:

Wrong bit size in the GCODE paths?

Hi @TonyNo,

The shape on the left is closed and the shape on the right is open. The outline style is only respected for closed shapes right now in Easel, so that explains why the generated paths are not the same. The reason Easel doesn’t respect the outline style for open shapes is because it is not always straightforward to tell which direction is “outside” and which direction is “inside,” mathematically.

You could try adjusting your source file so that the line on the right is in the location you want cut, or you could close the shape on the right if cutting the extra material doesn’t matter.

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Thanks! I’ll close it up and see what’s what.

Edit: Looks fine now.

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