[SOLVED] Writing Configuration...endless

I’ve tried researching this and was unable to locate anything posted similar to what I’m experiencing. Sorry if I missed something…

I’ve installed the X-Carve on two other systems correctly and successfully. However, upon trying to setup on my cnc computer (Windows 10 Pro version / 64bit appears to fail.

Installed driver and recommended additional drivers for Windows. Tried multiple versions of easel driver and on different browsers (Chrome is my default browser).

Every time I get to the “Writing Configuration” it appears to be in an endless loop. It never gets past this point. When logging into Easel I can get the Carve to turn green but I have no axes movement control.

Is there something I’m missing? Any help would be appreciated. I’ve been at this step for a few days.

As a side note: I can control the X-Carve with another program similar to UGS.

UPDATE: I noticed the X-Carve would function properly (meaning it is recognized in Easel) for about 1 minute after starting (turning on the X-Controller). Machine Inspector indicated it was connected, Then after about 1 minute it would state that my com port “access denied” in the status window.

Check you Windows 10 power options to see if Windows is powering off the USB port.

Thank you for the suggestion. It appears I was looking for the wrong symptom. My issue is now focused on the “access denied” for the com port. It appears Phil Johnson had similar issues. Com ports quit

Well, after many reboots, reconfigurations and driver installs it appears this all comes down to interference (noise). Needless to say my others systems were a laptop and a windows tablet. I guess this makes some sense as my cnc system is a desktop.

I’m just glad everything is working properly now. My next purchase will be a better USB cable to help with reducing or eliminating interference as suggested in other posts. I can’t believe a few dollar part cost me so much grief and time. I certainly wish this option was available when I purchased my X-Carve this past November.