[SOLVED!] X Carriage sticking every 68mm

Good morning / Evening,I have an issue with my X-Carve that I am hoping somebody can assist me with. The issue is that every 68mm of x carriage travel results in the assembly sticking it tries to move and eventually it will continue, I have checked all the usual suspects such as belts, pulleys and v wheels but interestingly enough if I loosen the eccentric nuts on the x carriage the problem goes away but as soon as I tighten them so the wheels do not freely turn it sticks! This is starting to drive me insane so can someone please help me.

If you take your fan over G-Shield, you’ll see three pods for XYZ. you may want to increase your Stepper powers a little bit at a time. Lets say if they are on 11 o’clock position, turn them to 12 o’clock. Increasing too much will cause temp shut down, you have to go back, turn power off and on, comes back.

Thank you for such a quick response Alan, I had increased the pot but it was still sticking so I had another look at the v wheels it turns out that the top right v-wheel as you are looking from the front of the machine was slightly tilted so after taking off the cap screw I saw that the screw head was not straight, Ha an easy fix swapped it out and now it is sorted!
The test carve was missing an element or two but that is another issue.
The machine is alive…
Thank you again Sir…


I seem to have this exact problem and like you it was driving me nuts.

If I move the X axis one end to the other it will move freely then stick every few centimetre, if I loosen the v-wheels I don’t get this problem. Indidently I recall seeing one of the v-wheel screws looking slightly bent, later tomorrow I will have to remove them and inspect for straightness.

I have also seen flat spots develop on the v-wheels. They should be harder. Acrylic, maybe?