[SOLVED] - X-Carve Controller - Not Connecting

When you used the arduino serial monitor, did it actually connect? It may open the port without connecting and you’ll get an error at the bottom of the IDE.

Your chip looks unprogrammed.

Get Xloader - http://russemotto.com/xloader/

Flash v1.0c to the Xcontroller - https://github.com/inventables/grbl/releases/download/v1.0c/grbl_10c_hex.zip

Alternatively, load GRBL v1.1f - https://github.com/inventables/grbl/releases/download/v1.1f/grbl_1_1f.20170214_hex.zip

v1.0c was one of the original Xcontroller firmware versions. v1.1f is the latest and Easel will prompt you to upgrade to it.


If you don’t feel comfortable following that process Email Inventables or Call 312-775-7009 on Monday and someone on the Inventables Customer Success team will either run the process for you or ship you out a replacement part.

Following JustinBusby’s help and guide, I can confirm that the X-Carve Controller was not flashed when it arrived on last week. I was able to run through the flash via Xloader and within 5 minutes i was ready to cut. I see there is an updated to V1.1f available in easel is this worth the update are there any release notes to support the push to 1.1f.

Thank you all for your help and support over the weekend, truly appreciate this and will do my best to be an active forum member to return the favor down the road

cheers all,



In case you’re curious, connect with Arduino again and you should see where that was going.
Weird they’d ship one with no GRBL loaded.

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There’s a debate about 1.0c and 1.1f. Personally, I use v1.1f and it’s stable. It supports feed rate adjustment while cutting and some other stuff.

For detailed changes:

@Zach_Kaplan you may want to make sure your QC/support team hear about this.

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What’s the debate? Just curious. I’ve always updated to the newest versions when I can.

Most of it has to do with lasers.

I don’t dabble in those debates. I just use v1.1f because it’s more stable for me.

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Agreed. It will be interesting to see where grbl goes when he releases the ARM version, gnea.