[SOLVED] X-Carve will not connect!

Everything worked fine this morning and now, suddenly, my XC won’t connect. The green carve button does not come on and when I click on the blue button I get a message that I have to install Easel Local and drivers. I uninstalled and reinstalled and it made no difference. When I unplug the USB cable I hear the chime sounds as I normally do. The com port shows up in the Device Manager when I plug the cable into the X Controller and goes out when I unplug it. Thinking it might be a Windows problem AGAIN I installed Firefox but that does not work either. I’ve read all the posts about similar problems but nothing seems to help. Any ideas? This is very frustrating as I’m sure you can imagine!! Thank you for any help and advice anyone can offer!

Yes, as I said above I read all the posts I could find but nothing cleared up the problem for me!

No, it’s plugged into the connection on the X Controller case! Not sure how I gave you that idea, Phil.

There are several post about people having to bypass the usb header in the x controller to correct the problem.

Once I figured out what you were talking about I did this but that didn’t make any difference. Still reading and re-reading the other troubleshooting posts. Starting to wonder if there could be a problem with the circuit board or something. I had noticed over the past few days that sometimes I would have to plug in the USB cable a couple of times before it would work and sometimes it seemed to take a very long time to be recognized and for the Carve light to turn green.

John, from Inventables, spent about 25 minutes on the phone with me and, using TeamViewer, managed to install new drivers and God only knows what else and got it working for me. I was convinced that I was going to have to buy a new PC Board so I’m very relieved and grateful for the fantastic customer support from Inventables!!! Thank you again, John!! :grinning:

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Yes, it’s working with 3.5! I have never tried UGS as I’m happy with Easel. I hope to learn Fusion 360 or something else in the future if I can afford to go to Aspire or something but for now Easel is fine. Thanks for all the help you give, Phil, it’s much appreciated!!! :grinning:

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