SOLVED Y-axis issues

Just got my 1000mm X-carve put together and I’m having issues with my y-axis. When I not the machine, one side seems to be playing catch up and makes a grinding noise. Ive searched through the form and seen others with a similar issue and have tried the following fixes.

Square the machine.
Rewire the y-axis stepper motors.
Adjust belt tension.

I wanted to see if I had a bad cable so I pluged the y1 motor into the y2 motor spot and vise versa. When I did this it seemed to switch which motor was affected by this issue. Could there be an issue with my x controller?

Are you sure the two motors run in the same direction, and not opposite of each other? One pulling, the other pushing?

Yes, I made sure to flip the wires on one of the motors as per the instructions.

Ok, then I would think there is a binding issue with the side that give you grief. Both motors when snapped caused the same symptom on the single side. Do they work in sync if they remain unconnected to the belts? (Motors just spinning)

I never switched the side the motors were on, just which port they were plugged into on the controller. So y1 got plugged into y2 and y2 got plugged into y1. When I did this the y1 motor now had the issue, not the y2. This is what is making me think it could be the y2 port causing the issue.

However, I’m going to try your suggestion and try running the motors without the belt and see what happens.

Put a piece of tape on the shaft of the motor. Make it about an inch long in order that you can see which way the motors are turning

Ah okay, I misunderstood then.

Unfortunately, I will not be able to try these fixes until Monday. I won’t be back to my apartment this weekend. I am going to try them as soon as I get back though and I will let you know how it goes.

Just wanted to give you guys an update. Sorry I took so long but I tried all the suggestions to no avail. Contacted Inventables customer support and they sent me a new control board. Swapped it out and it works like a charm! I can not tell you how happy with inventables customer support I am, its honestly the best company Ive ever dealt with and I couldnt be happier with the product or service. Ill be posting pictures of some of my carves in the near future.

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