Some finished projects

Haven’t posted any of the projects I’ve completed in awhile, so here’s a couple now…

These are 16’ x 48" overall, pine with a multi layer, multi colored epoxy resin. Used some photo-luminescent pigments… These glow in the dark!

And here’s some Seahawks Christmas ornaments I’ve done up for my fellow 12’s!!!


Beautiful work!

What ratio do you use for your Pigment:Resin mix? Is the glowing pigment a different ratio than regular pigments?

I typically use about 4 teaspoons of pigment to about 3/4 quart of resin, it’s a dry powder… and adjust it here and there for brightness. I pour multiple layers at about an 1/8 inch so I get a layered 3D effect. Can’t really see that in the pics… But under a blacklight it looks really cool!


Love the ornaments, minimal elegant design.
Look forward to incorporating glow resin in my projects when my Carvey arrives

The paint job is very very nice👍.

I’d love a video of the process you go through to make something like this:

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I’ll see what I can do on the next go round…

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Not paint… It’s multiple colored, multiple poured layers of epoxy resin…