Some Info for Anyone with a Microcarve Z Axis

I just replaced the bushings in my Microcarve Z axis as they were getting loose.
I was surprised to find out that they were held in place by a lot of epoxy.
I expected to have to press the bushings out/in, but the new bushes just fall right through the bushing block.

The old bushings would do the same if they were not slathered in epoxy. I assumed that they were pressed in, and then had a little epoxy applied (into 4 holes on the back of the block) just for good measure. Oh how wrong I was.

In the end to put the new ones in I had to disassemble my Z axis and put the bushings onto the shafts mostly sticking out of the block, then apply bucket loads of epoxy and slide them into the block. I did this with the block reversed so I could add epoxy to the four holes mentioned above.

All in all I am surprised that someone would sell something as shoddily made as this, but I guess I have learned a lesson.

If it wasn’t for the large postage and import duty costs (would almost double the price for me in the UK) I would have ordered a cnc4newbie unit when I discovered this disaster yesterday

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Interesting. Did you happen to take any pictures? I don’t have much time on mine yet but this is good to know.

I’m afraid I didn’t take any pictures, and unfortunately the old bushings went out with the bins this morning.

Essentially all four bushings were coated in epoxy as the fit between bushing and bushing block is beyond very loose.

I used a heat gun to soften the epoxy (although I wasn’t expecting anywhere near the quantity used) and then pressed the old bushings out.

Found this just in time, I was just getting ready to purchase one from them.

@PhilJohnson @TheWhittler what would you guys recommend instead now? It was originally between the Microcarve and 250mm C-Beam from Open Build. I like the thought of the linear slides to get away from wheels/eccentric spacers but obviously now I’m not so sure.

Thanks Bob, appreciate it. Ill check it out.