Some kind of z axis mod

alright so I did the 30 min z axis mod to reduce chatter and so far that hasn’t helped for when I use a 90 degree bit. is there any other mods to have it stop moving so really frustrated with this machine. it doesn’t make sense to me to keep on having to upgrade the machine to make it do what its designed to do.

When does it chatter? Front to Back or Side to side?

front to back

I thought so to but the carriage and the router is moving back and forth way to much. I noticed the wheels were a bit loose anyway to tighten those up even with Loctite to make sure it doesn’t come off

The Z upgrade is awesome. And here’s always the New Makerslide. Seems better than any of the Mods out there.

Check the wheels on your carriage also. Some have come out with the wrong size shims inside. Gave me all kinds of hell figuring that one out.

I’m gonna check the wheels when I get home. any wheel upgrades that are better than what I have? has a nice “extreme” version V wheel. But if your wheels are relatively new you can replace the shim inside. I can’t remember what their supposed to be. But some came out with a shim that’s to big, so it doesn’t allow the bearings to seat all the way into the recess. Grab your Z Axis and give it some “manipulation”. You’ll be able to hear a click and feel it give slightly if you have a wrong shim. I noticed it when I was changing out bits.

Edit: looking at their site I don’t see an Extream version of the V wheel we use. So the Delrin is what you’ll need.

If you do go with Openbuilds pay attention to what style V you get. They have a flat bottom one designed for their linear Vslot system.

yea it gives quite a bit. I know that much for sure

I think that’s also a possibility I’m gonna buy another bit also see how that works all the other bits cut it out just fine