Some projects I want to share (including Easel links)

Hi everyone…

I’ve been making a lot of guitars lately, and was left with all kinds of offcuts that I didn’t want to waste, so I thought up a couple of projects that I could use them in. I’m having trouble uploading images, so I have included links to the pics on my Instagram. I will keep trying.

First up are these cool firefly lights. I bought some chap mason jars online, and some firefly LED’s with a battery box. They run for a couple of days on just one charge, with 3 AA batteries. It’s a very basic carve, once you’re done just round off the edges with a router or a rasp/sandpaper, turn your mason jar upside down, fill it with lights, and put it in the hole in the top of the workpiece. You’ll notice a workpiece with a rectangular cavity… that’s for the standard AA battery box. If you’re creative with your clamping, you can flip the workpiece over to carve this side. Because it doesn’t have to be dead centre, it’s ok if you’re a little off. If you use different size jars to me, you can just rescale in Easel pretty easily (pun intended). My next version will have the right size cavity to glue the cap of the jar in, so they can screw in to the base instead of just sitting in them.
Firefly lights
Easel file link

Next are these coasters and a holder for them. I just made them out of plywood, but I bet they’d look awesome in walnut or acacia. The holder is some pine offcut. You might recognise the logo, Inventables certainly did when they saw it on my Instagram :slight_smile: Pretty easy project, and if you have a need for plate coasters, you can just put a few of them together.
Easel file link

Last up is this sign I made for my workshop wall. The artwork is copyrighted by a talented young man from England, so please don’t sell it. But if you want to have one in that room you keep all your Star Wars figures in, then that’s fine. Mine is MDF, carved with a downcut fish tail bit, but obviously you can use whatever you like. Simply size it to whatever dimensions you want, carve it up, spray some black paint all over it, then sand off the paint to reveal the lovely planet of Endor. You can see I like to split my carves into multiple workpieces in case Easel decides it wants to go home early.
Easel file link

Last up is a fun project that I won’t include the file for, because you don’t want to make my logo, but I’ll share it in case you want to do your own version.
LED sign
LED sign parts

Hope you’re all having fun carving!


Thanks for sharing… I love the Star Wars piece

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Thank you, I really like how it turned out. Now they need to make a 5000mm X Carve so I can make a HUGE one!

Awesome the firelight lamps would be great for a wedding

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