Some questions from a newbie

Hello guys. I just received my X-Carve 1000mm after a huge delay in shipping and forwarding here to Maldives! I am almost done assembling the thing and I have a few questions:

Q1: I have never used a CNC machine before and this might sound stupid but while assembling I feel like moving the spindle in X and Y axes feel a bit rigid and I feel like the motor and the belt will not be able to drive it. So how do I know if it has the right amount ‘slide’ to it?

Q2: I purchased the X-Carve through Matterhackers since I had some trouble making the payment to Inventables due to it being an International purchase and didn’t want to go through the required formalities with my Bank. Anyway, I am supposed to get the Easel Pro subscription with the X-Carve, so how do I activate my account? Is there an activation code hidden somewhere?

Sorry for my bad English and if these questions sound dumb.


Loose the eccentric nuts until they run smooth, but they do not rattle. What I do is just tight them until I can no longer spin the wheel with my finger

Q2: Contact inventables support, they are super responsive.

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Thank you very much. I adjusted the eccentric nuts like you said and it runs smoothly. :slight_smile:

After I played around a bit with Easel, I wonder if the Pro version is really necessary, since for the kind of projects I had in mind I would need something more advanced like Fusion 360.

Although I am a bit curious about what kind of features the Pro version unlocks.


You have few free pro days, so you can test that

It appears that some router bit choices are only available in the pro version.

There are a lot of pluses with the Easel Pro subscription. A lot of extra fonts are available and the image library is extensive.