Some sign engraving questions I have

So i just engraved a sign that didnt have a whole lot of detail to it and it turned out pretty good, considering i just used a 1/4" upcut (only bit for the job that i have at the moment).

So my question is, when or why should i get V Carve? For higher detailed signs?

Second question, what bit shouldve i used for this sign? -see picture- I’d like to get an idea of what bits to buy for simpler engravings like this one until i can get V Carve.

Here is i did on routing pine

and when you say vcarve are you talking about the software by vectric or v-engraving ?

I’ll check that out thanks! Ummm i’m not sure, doesn’t easel offer a V Carve program to purchase?

Loads of good information in there, thanks again!

oh you are welcome :slight_smile:

and yeah the new Easel Pro has a v-engraving feature

and basically imo v-engraving is a style of routing that allows you to do prismatic engravings and small lettering with 1 tool

in the sign that you made there that is 2D pocket relief style carving and you can get just as complex with it you really wanted to by adding layer upon layer

so really its just another look either one has there advantages and disadvantages