Something bigger than 30in?

How would we go about spacing out letters evenly across a 6ft board? I would like to carve out “Welcome” across a 6 ft. board but the X-carve only allows for 30 inches. If I wanted to do this in multiple carves, could it be done and how to I ensure it’s spaced evenly?

This can easily be done by breaking up the design into segments and soime sort of alignment method, like pilot holes or alignement rails.

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@CharlesCastillo. I have done a number of videos on tiling. Here is one to get you started.

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@CharlesCastillo @HaldorLonningdal @PhillipLunsford If any of you are interested, the Easel team is working on a more user-friendly method for breaking up long designs into segments. It is thoroughly in beta, under active development and has some known issues described in that link. If you want to test it out, you can use that link to self-enroll and self-unenroll from access. It’s our intention to add this to Easel Pro when we work out some kinks in the experience.


@Aryeh Awesome, thank you very much. Is this something that should be kept quiet. In other words, can I make videos using this on my Youtube channel PawPawsworkshop?

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@Aryeh - I´ll try to play around with it, I am back and forth at the moment (vacation with family) :slight_smile:

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@PhillipLunsford Thank you for asking! I would appreciate keeping this out of videos for now. It’s overwhelmingly likely we will change how it works substantially based on early feedback from folks like you. Then people would go watch your video and get real confused — confused about not having access and confused, when they do get access, that it doesn’t work the same way as in the video. Once this is released to the public and no longer a constantly-changing beta, a video would be no problem at all. Fair?


@Aryeh Not a problem. I taught that this would be the situation and I fully understand. In times past I have beta tested things and kept it out of the videos. I look forward to trying it out. Thank you