Something quick and easy

Kids love name signs

Here is a quick and simple name sign, took about an hour from design to this point
1/4in MDF
1/8in dowel location pins
1 coat of spray primer/filler


That is a cool way to do it… so you cut the letters reversed so you can have the holes drilled in after they are cut out?

Yes it’s a mirrored cut and the holes are in the cut file, I used a 1/16in bit and the hole are 1/8in i just do a fill on the them. On the background board the go all the through and on the letters the only go and 1/8in deep


Very cool! Would it be easier to paint the letters one color, the base another color, then assemble?

Yes, that’s the idea. You could paint the letters all different colors if you want and then just plug them in to the base.

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