Something went major wrong when I calibrated

Hey I just stripped and rebuilt my machine with a few things (basically got it to what they added after 2016) went through the calibration video and was about to do the test pattern. But I must have must have miss typed something because my x and y move way more than an inch when I’m trying to jog and jerk the machine enough to move my table. I’ve tried searching but the forum on my end is super slow today (it keeps timing out it took me about five tries to just get to post this)

How do I zero the machine back to normal (I’ve never had to flash the gbrl, is this what that is for?) if someone can link to something that would help it would be awesome since I have a crazy deadline coming up and need to start pumping out elements for a sculpture. If not I’ll call inventables tomorrow but I prefer to clear this up via the forums.

I know this is probably covered many times in the forum and I’m sorry that I can’t search to find the answer on my own. I did try restarting my computer and have tried loading the forums on 2 computers and phone, this is the best I can do with how screwy the time outs are on my end (and it’s not the wifi, other websites load fine and don’t time out when loading)

Anyone up late on a Sunday night that wants to help? I’ll be up pretty late since I need to get this resolved asap

heres a video of it that i took, but it stopped jogging all together after the first jog (now i’m going to see if any wiring got knocked loose when it was moving the table around). this was set to go at 1 inch in easel (sadly the other video that i have with both x and y is too large to load here).

before i messed something up in calibration it was working fine after the rebuild, just a teensy bit off. now it wont move at all and my belts at the front of the machine are crazy tight but pretty loose behind the carriage…

i tried both updating the firmaware from the machine setting (failed multiple times) and finally got the flash grbl article to load from the inventables site but couldn’t get any of that to stick either. basically have a very expensive paperweight at the moment…and i still cant do much searching on here (every search either times out or takes 3 minutes to process and another 3 minutes to open the article, but usually times out before that happens. don’t know why it will let me post easier than search other peoples stuff…)

Did you setup the Xcontroller DIP switches properly?

Yeah everything was working fine for a week before I calibrated. It was just a tiny bit off and I didn’t want to be testing circles to see what would actually cut at half inch (.53 to be exact on that one) the whole time I was designing for this project. But after both the firmware wouldn’t update and the grbl flash wouldn’t work for me I called inventables. I just did a remote session with inventables and they couldn’t fix it so they’re shipping me a new board for my xcontroller. Next time I’ll check my work better before hitting send and refresh (I still don’t understand how it turned 398.824 into 398824 even though I put the decimal in there, but that was the problem and it wouldn’t let me renter the number with the decimal even though I tried several times…it just wouldn’t take after it got screwed up )