Something wrong with the login

I’ve logged out a back in twice with no issue. Who is having a problem?

Bob has been suspended for 3 days.

You said “people” were having issues. Is there anyone else?

There will be more if attitudes and behavior on the forum does not improve.

Can you take a screen shot and post back what you are seeing?

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Your account is active and seems normal. There were some back end server messages last night.

Give it a few and see if it corrects.

No issues here…

Last night I had an issue logging in to the forums. Everything seems to be fine now.

Never have an issue from home… but from work its hit and miss…

right now was a hit. :slight_smile:

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I was having the same server issues the other day as well i think i made a thread about it

I was having problems last night. for a few hours.

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That sounds ominous.

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Ok… i’ll address the elephant in the room … has Bob’s account been activated?


It was temporary and expired automatically.

Good news… thanks


So, was it you that banned him?

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I think there is confusion as to why he was banned in the first place. And the fact that he wasn’t given an explanation is also causing confusion.

There was a public statement about him being banned, and then it was quickly shut behind closed doors.

My public message was deleted last night because apparently I was stirring it up. Hardly stirring the pot, I was just inquiring on behalf of a helpful member who has been a part of this forum for a long time.

And if indeed the ban has been lifted, a simple email to said individual would be an easy one to send out I would think… but I am not King of the world so what do I know…

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If that is the case, the system is not allowing the log in. CS will be able to figure out why.

IMO, ‘hush-hush’ policy is not how you quell dissension, it’s how you enflame it.

(ha! I had to add that word to my spelling dictionary! :slight_smile:)

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Did you notice he got banned on day 666?