Sound during z-axis movement

Video.MOV (3.8 MB)

Probably something simple and seems to still work fine. I haven’t fully investigated yet. Just wondering if anyone else had this problem or knew what it was.

@TomP The video didn’t finish uploading before you clicked on submit.

I know. I’m trying to upload it now but it just says uploading 0% and isn’t uploading. I’m trying to get it up now

It wouldn’t upload from my phone for some reason

My Z axis runs nice and free, but at various points sounds like a bag of cats. I’ve adjusted the stepper current and lubricated the acme thread and delrin nut with plenty of graphite, so everything works perfectly, it just sounds horrible.

Your problem may be entirely different, but with mine, I just ignore it now.

It sounds similar to what happened with mine, and I applied some dry lube spray (like for garage doors) on the bearing and on the ACME screw.

Thanks. I was gonna go get some in a bit hoping that’s all it is. Just wasn’t sure if maybe it was a belt rubbing or something else. Guess I’ll see when I investigate a bit more.

i have a very similar sound also, I ordered some dry lube and will be trying that myself.

Doesn’t sound right to me. Lube seems like a bandaid without knowing the root cause.

Is anything loose? Binding?

I don’t know what it is, but obviously something is making a weird noise. I got some dry lube this evening and I’ll make some checks and do a air run tomo to see what I hear then.

I know this was a long time ago that this post was made, but I have the same issue and figured it out. In my case the limit switch “wheel” rattles with Z-axis movement. If you move the z-axis and place your finger on the little “wheel” or “pad” of the limit switch the sound stops… At least for me.