Sound level

Hello All,
Has anyone tested the machine for its decimal level? The folks I work with want to know how loud it will be.

Thank you,

The machine is about 90 to 110 db when cutting, that is not counting the vacuum system, Some shop vacs can be very loud.

It is the quietest working shop machine in my basement.


**As I sit here next to my machine with ear muffs on while it’s running in white oak with a 1/8" 2 flute straight bit, i can safely say it’s the frequencies involved, not just the decibles


It kinda reminds me of Yoko Ono’s singing! :scream:


Sorry i was shouting over the noise…


It’s only loud if your shop stereo is too quiet. :wink:

But it is certainly not something you want running if you are trying to concentrate on something else.

I never said it was too loud…

It’s definitely not something (with the DeWalt anyway) that you want to run for a long duration without hearing protection in close proximity. It’s about as loud as the shop vac, really.

Not bad with an 800 watt air cooled spindle