Sounds like Vectric Aspire is getting an add-on

Was looking over the Vectric forums and came across this post:


Looks like some future version of Aspire will have an option for sending g-code to the X-Carve (or X-Controller). Interesting development.

Looking forward to trying this.


Does the X-Carve and the Carvey use the same controller?

When I went to the Vectric Boot Camp earlier this year, the Vectric rep said this would probably be a part of v9.5. I understood it to be primarily aimed at GRBL controlled lasers. I have not downloaded v9.5 yet, but from other forums, it seems to be included in at least some of the software.

I did find this on the Vectric site:

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Yes, after my post I updated Aspire to the latest version and the VTransfer program was there. It is an extra install and runs separately from Aspire. Very basic functions (jogging, homing and cut). However, it is another option to choose from. I did not have the chance to try it out yet. Hopefully soon. But, I can’t see it as being my go to sender.

That is great news! It looks like X-Carve is getting some special attention from Vectric. I hope they make Vtransfer available to their Vcarve Pro and Desktop users also.


Yes, the X-Carve and Carvey both use an embedded Arduino running Grbl (most of the hobby CNC machines do).

Michael, I installed Aspire 9.5 and although there were 14 clipart downloads, I didn’t / don’t see VTransfer. Was it listed with the clipart files as a separate download as well?

Yes, this confused me at first too. VTransfer is is something that you have to select to install. Do the normal 9505 setup install (whatever the highest version you have.)

And look for this:


Good luck.

Ah, now that I look at it, I remember that. I have a computer in my office where I do all my designing, and another in the shop that runs the CNC. When I did the office install, I read “Outputs directly to machine” and thought, “I don’t need that in here.” By the time I got to the shop I’d forgotten my reason for not installing it and simply did what I did before. Thanks for pointing it out!