Source for 100's of free great project patterns

If you want a lot of great projects to carve, go to and you will find plenty. I have downloaded 100’s of these patterns. This is a scroll saw pattern site, but all of them are adaptable for CNC work.
All of the patterns are PDF’s and can be opened in most graphic programs. I download the pattern, open it in a graphic program,( I use PhotoShop), get rid of the gray overlay and then save the work as a SVG. Many of these projects I wanted to fill in areas as black, so I export them to Photoshop, then fill in the black areas, save it and open back in Illustrator (or Inkscape) and save it as a SVG file. Steve Good, the site owner, is aware of these patterns being used by us CNC guys.


Actually, he has one of the demo X-Carves and talked about looking into converting some of his projects. But don’t think he has made much headway to date.

Good Evening. I have downloaded several of Steve’s scrollsaw patterns as well. I use Inkscape to convert these patterns as SVG Files. I’m having issues with yellow dots that appear in the Patterns after I import them into Easel. I have tried cutting one or two of them out with no success. Any assistance you can share is greatly appreciated

Very Kind Regards,
Kenny Byrom

I have no idea what the yellow dots are!!! If the yellow dots are editable, I would look at highlighting them and then deleting them. I have done hundereds of Steve’s patterns and have had no problems. I use Illustrator instead of Inkscape, but I see no way Inkscape inserts the yellow dots. Good Luck.

if you have the cut depth set to the full thickness of your workpiece, then the yellow dots are the tabs Easel puts in. you can adjust their size and placement or change how many you want/need