Source for 3D models?

Does anyone know where I can find a 3D model of a Hibiscus Flower and a Plumeria Flower?
I have found plenty of 2D art for use in Easel. But I am looking for full 3D models (.stl or .V3M) for use in VCarve.
And I have not had any luck with my usual sources (vector art or ebay)
I am surprised that I can’t find any.


Good STL files (of any kind) are difficult to find. I found a few in the Sketchup Warehouse, but these are not carvable.
I think your best hope would be to start with a sketchup model like one of these and then edit it in sketchup to isolate a single flower that can be carved.

You can import them into Vcarve and see them

.hibisco colorido.skp (2.7 MB) test_hibiscus.skp (318.5 KB)

Thanks I will give these a try :slight_smile: